Converts raw BLAST data to aligned signature data by species. Species name can be optionally abbreviated.

Enter inputs and click "Run Program" to get started.
This program takes raw BLAST data and filters out everything but the species name, number and sequence data.

If the "Maximum species name length" parameter is omitted, the entire species name will be included. Otherwise it is truncated to the given integer value.

If it is given, the data from the abbreviation file is applied BEFORE the maxLen parameter. This means that if an abbreviated name is still longer then maxLen, it will be truncated to maxLen. Avoid this by setting the maximum name length to 0.

A sample abbrevation file can be found in the Examples tab. This format must be followed for the abbrevation file to work.

View sample input/output files. All files should be in a plain-text format (.txt, .csv, .xml, etc.).

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