Modifies CLUSTAL files to have the same order.

Input files must have the same number of species, and the species names
must be identical. If they are abbreviated, they must have the same

Enter inputs and click "Run Program" to get started.
Hold the "Control" key and click to select multiple files.
Select one of the input files to be the "Template File." The other files will be ordered to match the chosen template.

All species names must be identical between files. Try using an abbreviation program to match up names before using this app.

If a file is missing a species from the template file, or has an extra species, it will be skipped. The program output will note which files were skipped for what reasons (Click "View Result" after program completes).

The files will be slightly modified to clean up some of the CLUSTAL information.

View sample input/output files. All files should be in a plain-text format (.txt, .csv, .xml, etc.).